Fear her…

I have seen her sadness last for ever

you would find when you look in her eyes

No one would ever know the meltdowns she had

she has cried the worst of the cries

the silent one

the one when no ones awake

the one that hurts the throat

the one that has the largest scream

the one that wont let her dream

the one that has no tears

the one that numbs all fears

the one where you hold your breath

the one thats worse than death

she has been through the unthinkable

so fear her when she looks at the fire and smiles

she arrived here after walking a million miles

she is the storm…


It’s not visible to eyes,

but the feeling is deep down

digging a grave,

inside my heart

no one is at peace

melancholy has settled

like a sudden change in weather

like a pain that’s intangible

can’t tell where it hurts

but somewhere it does

so I bury myself – the crestfallen one

maundering without an ambition

which made me hollow

To be gentle with me

is the only thing I plead

Don’t open the wounds

that haven’t started to bleed


Trapped Woman

It hurts gently like the cold rain

I wipe them,

 the tears rolling down

and yes, beyond recognition

lies my past

with mixed shades of pink and brown

 where I stood at departure holding my faith

waiting for the moment

that never came

and will never come

because the verdict was announced

and there was a bedlam

and the fragrance of pain

is all over the air

so I get up and rise still in pain

because I am strong

to remind everyone

that strong doesn’t mean no pain

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash