Funeral of my heart

The day has come

To burn my heart down

Once which used to beat

Has turned to color of brown

Do come attend the funeral

And know what it feels

When it burns the memories

And leaves them to bleed

When it burns down the wishes

The fragrance it spreads

Making us realize

They were never read

When it burns the hopes

Stating nothing lasts for ever

While I made every second count

And still couldn’t hold that hour

When it burnt the smiles

Filled with hopes

The ones i collected walking miles.

I bury them today with no regrets

I burnt my heart and cleared all debts

Did I need this ride

When I was never meant to be there

There is no place to hide

There are burns everywhere…


From “Being your’s” to “Been your’s”

“There is a silence around
But i am craving to hear that voice
The one that brought peace to me
The one that hasn’t left me with a choice”

– Self

Memories of your hug falling apart

Dark are those Meadows that once used to shine

But the stubborn mind refuses to accept

What had gone was never mine..

When the truth bursted in open

Those days were chilling cold

But we held on to the fear inside

Because those short hours were worth to hold

Never asked for that wish but it was granted without an ask

In a land of pretenders i found joy in life

It came in like a thunder storm

And Left me with a lightening strike..

I was running alone

Running alone in the maze

Didn’t realize I was running alone

And I thought I was going to win this race…


I can’t feel a thing

I miss that zing

I feel numb

I can’t say those words

It hurts my throat

To open up

To speak those words

To bring my heart out

To tell you all about

Keep it out there for you

For you to feel it

For you to steal it

So I slide that feeling

Deep down my lungs

Where it’s not healing

Where no one’s seeing

With the realization

I am changing…

Only if I could…

Only if I could change the world that surrounds me

Only if I could see things the way you see

Only if I had the strength to overcome you

Only if I could bear the pain that always grew

Only if I could show you the mask I have been wearing

Only I could unload the weight I have been bearing

Only if I could make that one moment go away

Only if I could take back the words I shouldn’t say

Only if I could bring back the days that made you smile

Only if I could make you once again walk that mile

Only if I could stop the clock from ticking

Only if I could hold this wound from sticking

Only if I could withstand the storm within

Only if I could forget with no regrets and once again begin…


It’s a walk to remember

The one where you were by my side

I gave myself to your arms wide open

Where I found my peace and used to hide

A hope that never rose is a pain that will always grow

The wish I hold in my heart is a truth you will never know

The days when eyes smiled, that time will fly away

A laugh that I shared with you will be the memory that will slowly shy away…

The bright color of my love slowly turning grey

Did all that matter, does anyone care anyway…


It’s invisible but I feel it around

It’s the one I have been living in

It hurts it bites it scratches it breaks me

Its the one I have been trying to win

It makes memories good and bad

It takes moments and crumples them to die

A million memories flashed my mind

Leaving heart to bleed and letting eyes to dry

The bite marks on my tongue

Are from the things I never said

I will carry them to my grave

And make sure they are never read…


Looking for some peace so I can sleep like a baby

All this suffering is killing my heart

I headed to heaven guided by those angels

The day you stopped dancing on my chest or taking the form of art

Sad tears drop one after another

Hopelessly crying about the said and the unsaid

Painful and dreadful as it was meant to be

It didn’t kill me physically but mentally declared me dead.

Creeping in my veins, chewing out my brain,

I cry out loud, hiding my voice in the rain

Why can I not hear you anymore

Am I on the other side of the shore?

Is it impossible to do what I asked

Did you even see me, I was at your door..

The moon is no more bright

The sun doesn’t shed anymore light

The stars are crying with me

And you keep going out of my sight…

The longing…

“Wo Jo Teri yaad me ji liya, Wo haseen sirf ek pal tha

Wo Jo ab laut k na aega kabhi, Wo meri zindagi ka kal tha”

Shayad hi sheher mein aisa koi nadaan ho

Jo ishq kar k kahe – khuda na kare koi nuksaan ho

Par Jo Doosri baar bhi hoti to tum hi se hoti

Main jise beintehaan kehti hoon, uska intahaan na lo

Tujhe apne dil ki khabar mere dil se mil jayegi Ghalib

Par jo main rooth jaun kabhi to mujhe manane ki khatir rishta to bana lo

Zara nazook mizaaz hai mere ishq ka, Aqal ka bojh nahi utha paega

Haqikat mein shamil kar k ise saza na suna do

Kaisa intazaar tha ye, tujse milne ko jab beqaraar tha dil

Mausam nahi badla, tujse mil k bhi usi haal mein hai dil

Kaun kehta hai khamoshiyan bolti Hain

Idhar hum sadiyon se khamosh Hain aur wo sadiyon se bekhabar

Teri talkhi ab chubhne si lagi hai, ya ye mere takhayyul ki hai jurrat

Darr hai ki Jis Vasl se kareeb aaye the usi vasl se na ho jaaye furqat

“Jo raakh sa bikhar Gaya, Kya wo ishq tha ek vehem

Ki ab tere intazaar mein din bhi kat jaate hain aur raten bhi…”

Mercy me…

Miles to go Before I sleep

I am trying hard, but it’s hard to sing the song my heart sang yesterday

No matter what i do, the taste of your dulcet kiss on my lips is slowly fading away

I have come so far but the memory of that ephemeral love is there stuck halfway

Mercy please, I don’t want to wake up, when I go to sleep today

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Fading Away


Found him in the darkest Meadows

Pure and light like joy of life

His eyes captivated her day and night

Dazzled her like the sharpest knife

She felt connected like never before

All her strings used to sing his song

When his sweet memories tickled her thoughts

She yearned for more, and her heart used to sing along