I am a DOG LOVER. Hi, My name is Seema and I live in New Jersey, USA.

Life is beautiful if you love what you do, if you find what you want AND if you believe in miracles.

I am a human, not so much of a machine. Have feelings, emotions and every thing that has to do with heart and passion. I am a mother of 7 year beautiful girl who makes my life worth it and gives me a reason to live when I wake up every morning. I am a working mother/wife trying to cope with my passion for poetry and painting. I am trying to paint my thoughts, what that means is I am writing poems to go with my painting or I will be painting a picture to go with my Poem and I will publish both so you can relate. I am way too excited to see how this goes.

I am a foodie too, don’t be surprised if you find a recipe on my blog suddenly. I hope to visit your blogs and see you all on my blog soon.

Happy Blogging!


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