Those unfulfilled wishes..

“…but wishes are only granted in fairytales…”

Waiting all my life,

those moments have passed by,

Where thousands of wishes…

…have been left to die

Although this life has played several roles

There are quite a few that have loopholes

Searched for happiness and figured out the destiny

In the process, pain outgrew, what an irony,

It’s my generosity I don’t call out for you anymore

How do I relate to you if you are not even my cure

I know you are the one who shuts those doors

Go away, I don’t even need your coffin anymore

So now, burry me without a shroud, beacuse

There are no more complaints to be spoken out loud

I have learnt from my reflection

Everyone here needs a companion

My loneliness is not self centered

To make a decision without your agreement

Leaving a few wishes for the world I am yet to see

That meeting will be as significant as it could be

It hadn’t been easy but it is hopeful for sure

You did make a difference, It cant be just the emotions

There has to be a reason why we met at his door…