It’s a walk to remember

The one where you were by my side

I gave myself to your arms wide open

Where I found my peace and used to hide

A hope that never rose is a pain that will always grow

The wish I hold in my heart is a truth you will never know

The days when eyes smiled, that time will fly away

A laugh that I shared with you will be the memory that will slowly shy away…

The bright color of my love slowly turning grey

Did all that matter, does anyone care anyway…


It’s invisible but I feel it around

It’s the one I have been living in

It hurts it bites it scratches it breaks me

Its the one I have been trying to win

It makes memories good and bad

It takes moments and crumples them to die

A million memories flashed my mind

Leaving heart to bleed and letting eyes to dry

The bite marks on my tongue

Are from the things I never said

I will carry them to my grave

And make sure they are never read…


Looking for some peace so I can sleep like a baby

All this suffering is killing my heart

I headed to heaven guided by those angels

The day you stopped dancing on my chest or taking the form of art

Sad tears drop one after another

Hopelessly crying about the said and the unsaid

Painful and dreadful as it was meant to be

It didn’t kill me physically but mentally declared me dead.

Creeping in my veins, chewing out my brain,

I cry out loud, hiding my voice in the rain

Why can I not hear you anymore

Am I on the other side of the shore?

Is it impossible to do what I asked

Did you even see me, I was at your door..

The moon is no more bright

The sun doesn’t shed anymore light

The stars are crying with me

And you keep going out of my sight…