A Disappointed Soul

I am not too motivated to make a sketch so I am just posting the poem. Hope someone out there will relate…

Sometimes all you need is to keep you to yourself, Because you know no one but you will understand you here.

It feels like you live in a world of fake beings, And the one voice that will sooth your soul, is just not there…

Shall I fly to the land of escape called sleep or Shall I call out for you hence feel at peace, are you willing to share?

I made it to this, by giving away my peace, do you think what happened to me, is all fair?

Occasionally love comes to my mind, when I see those birds flying in pair.

It’s not that I am immune to this pain, but I wonder who anyway here wants to care…

16 thoughts on “A Disappointed Soul

  1. My dear friend

    Often loves knocks at our door when we least expect it. Everyone yearns for love, to live in harmony, to find an ear that listens, a mouth that gives us courage and confidence, a heart that beats in the rythsm of our heart – so if we try to let go all our expectations, the result will be: no disappointment (as expectation and disappointment often go hand in hand) – and then suddenly out of the blue…someone knocks at our door…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend
    Have a great day in peace and harmony

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