Dil k Khali panne

Apne Dard Ka Haal Sunaein ya ghayal dil bayan Karein
Wafa Mili Ho Jinhe Wo bewafai Ki Baat na karein

Kuch kehna bhi na pade aur wo isharon mein samajh jaen

Is umeed se aiyea kuch mudde ki baat Karein

Jab har ghum pe aaj mukhauta chada hi diya
To Karein Bhi to magar Kis Khuda Ki Baat Karein

Dilwale Kai Hain Koi wafaadar Bhi To Ho
Chalo Aaj fir Usi Bewafa Ki Baat Karein…

A Disappointed Soul

I am not too motivated to make a sketch so I am just posting the poem. Hope someone out there will relate…

Sometimes all you need is to keep you to yourself, Because you know no one but you will understand you here.

It feels like you live in a world of fake beings, And the one voice that will sooth your soul, is just not there…

Shall I fly to the land of escape called sleep or Shall I call out for you hence feel at peace, are you willing to share?

I made it to this, by giving away my peace, do you think what happened to me, is all fair?

Occasionally love comes to my mind, when I see those birds flying in pair.

It’s not that I am immune to this pain, but I wonder who anyway here wants to care…

My Crushed Soul

I sat with my solitude and asked her,

Why is today more depressing than yesterday

My sunless life daunting my present,

I am so much more in pain and dismay..

Terrified by what has come to my thoughts,

Horrified by what will come to me as a whole,

Nullified by what I stand as, in this world,

Petrified I look at the mirror and calm my bereft soul…

Heartbroken and left in clouds of sorrow,

Greater than my faith, hides my fear in the dark,

Chilling my bones, Dampening my thoughts,

What is left, is no more going to ignite a spark.