Poetry featured in Indian Periodical – One Sided Love

All my lovely readers – I am glad to announce my poetry was published in Indian periodical today.

I always have been wanting to talk about one sided love and express how it feels to be in that situation. All of us have been there, done that at some point in our life. Time flies and we move on but memories stay back. Sometimes good sometimes painful. So do share how YOU feel about this topic.

Happy reading!

– Seema




29 thoughts on “Poetry featured in Indian Periodical – One Sided Love

  1. That’s beautiful!
    Personally I’ve never been in the situation but I’ve heard of it; it hurts, it hurts to madness. It rips the mind and heart apart , where the person feels so vulnerable to everything. It’s a sad period of life

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  2. Congratulations. You are so talented ❀❀.
    It was wonderfully written and intricately crafted.
    I guess I did face unrequited love when I was really, really young (still don’t know if it was unrequited or not though because I couldn’t muster up the courage to ask her out), but those memories have almost faded.
    I loved reading this. Congratulations once again ❀

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