The Memory Lane…

Painted by Seema Pillay


“I wish we could choose which memories to remember and which to forget”

Deep inside my heart I was waiting for this day

I brood as I try to cover the most painful crack, as I lay

It’s an illusion if you thought I would stay

You can’t hurt me anymore, just like the Moonglade

Ethereal Memories of this Ephemeral love falling apart

Ripples of those memories emerge when I wear that pink floral skirt

You never bothered to keep them fresh or repaint for me

Some did not even last for one short second as they vanished in the air

I become my own harbinger, my own Panacea, only to make myself free

I carry myself away from the shore, as no more I can bear

The distance keeps growing like an offing

Your fragrance gradually fading away from my long knitted velvet gown

As I walk away, from you, your paths, your life, I hear myself talking

I wow to never come back, I won’t let myself down

As the pleasant zephyr passes along

A crestfallen heart conflates with a care-free sunshine to take charge of life again !