Shades of Love

“So crazy is the heart deep inside which,

It hurts like a brutal knife in the chest

Thoughts that cascade inside like venom

Don’t find the courage to come out and rest”


Miles to go Before I sleep

Image from Seema Pillay

b96a8-whatsapp2bimage2b2018-01-022bat2b11-24-022bam“Love – a feeling caught on Fire, initially a flame later a desire” – Me

Sometimes it threatens to take my life, Sometime it pretends to be my soul;

Alright! It read me way too clear, now I have surrendered to it as a whole.

It’s about bravely following your dream; it’s about living each day with Joy;

It teaches to be the responsible one; however it also gives the power to destroy.

Sometimes it creates an illusion of peace; sometimes it begins a war within;

Some say grab it as much u can, while some proudly call it – the art of giving.

Sometime it teaches to seize the moment, sometimes you have to let it go;

Sometimes you may feel you lost it forever; though it would have stayed and you may never know.

When it grows, it gives some peace; it gives some…

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Feeling You Around

Painted by Seema Pillay

“The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.”

Nicholas Spark

I can still feel your sillage in the air, i still long for the times we spent in the woods

You were a magical trouville in my life, how i wish i could steal you for good

Your sparkling eyes, your enticing smile is all i wanted in those times.

When I pass by you every day now, it hurts to know you will never be mine

I love you more than words can say, I love you more than my songs can play

I love you more each passing day, all I wished was that you could stay

Oh sunshine of my Life, the sea of my love, the line of my fate, the beat of my heart

When you dance on my chest, the thoughts that surge, melt me away and take the form of art

Nothing more than an infatuation (2)

Feel the beauty of this poem and here comes nostalgia…

Self-Love and Self-Deprecation

We pass each other
In the fields
Stealing gazes away

We pretend and we hide
Our feelings in the air
From the clearing to the clouds

We see each other
Yet pretend to unsee
We greet each other
Yet unwilling to meet
At the end of the day
And the beginning of the night

Your smile reaches your eyes
And then meet mine
Nods of the heads
Shaking of the knees

Here we are
At the beginning of the end
Or the end of the beginning

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Versatile Blogger 2/Quill Commander Awards

What an honor to get 2 awards from at the same time! I was greatly honored to receive these 2 awards:

The Versatile Blogger Award – 2

Versatile Blogger

Give 8 interesting facts about yourself.

Nominate few versatile bloggers.

Here are my Facts – I will let you decide whether they are interesting enough or not 🙂

  1. I love dogs- any breed, color, type – I don’t care, even the wild and ferocious ones. They just melt me!
  2. I love mountains more than beaches. I would love to go on a mountain top so high that I could touch the clouds.
  3. I am terrible with Directions.
  4. I am on a soul cleansing trip as part of which I have deleted all Social Media accounts. I miss a few people terribly but I still haven’t been able to convince myself that I “need” it. I have found real friends after I disconnected from social media because they find some way to reach out, that you could have never thought.
  5. I am a big believer of Reincarnation and Regression therapies and strongly feel I am going to meet my loved ones time and again!
  6. “Painting calms the chaos that shakes my soul” – that quote was truly written for me!
  7. My guts are very strong and I follow them like “God’s words”
  8. I have a black tongue (that doesn’t mean my tongue is black in color 😉 it’s a phrase that means that i have black dots on my tongue). Not sure if many people believe this but it’s said that words that come out of black tongued people, COM! TRUE! So, be aware 😉

My Nominations:


The Quill Commander Award



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
  2. List the rules of the award
  3. post a photo of your national flag and national anthem
  4. leave a favourite quote
  5. Nominate some bloggers

Thank you Distracted Soul for nominating me for this award. It’s truly an honor receiving this. And this is my first Quill Commander award so extra happiness pouring!


Our National Anthem is “Jana Gana Mana” by Rabindranath Tagore.

My Favorite quote:

“In your light I learn how to love, In your beauty, I learn how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

Poetry featured in Indian Periodical – One Sided Love

All my lovely readers – I am glad to announce my poetry was published in Indian periodical today.

I always have been wanting to talk about one sided love and express how it feels to be in that situation. All of us have been there, done that at some point in our life. Time flies and we move on but memories stay back. Sometimes good sometimes painful. So do share how YOU feel about this topic.

Happy reading!

– Seema



A dance in the rain

Painted by Seema Pillay


When you take me in your arms, i forget all my pain

Beautiful are such times that i can’t ever complain

How much it means when you look into my eyes

I dance with you like i would have danced in the rain

I would love to get lost in your eyes time and again

I am tied to you like the locket in a chain

What binds us together is something hard to explain.

I dance with you like i would have danced in the rain

Depression – 2

Painted by Seema Pillay


“Sleep isn’t just a sleep anymore, it’s an escape”

Teary eyes with Muffled cries

Strength lost and Hope dies

Cloudy skies bring gloomy nights

Meaningless love and painful fights

Lifeless body in its bereft soul

Confused mind with aimless goals

Choked heartbeats in a broken heart

Gasping for breath as truth unfolds

Raging fumes of Burnt wishes

Drift in air in direction unknown

No one to wipe the rolling tears

While wounded lies the soul alone

A Father’s Fears

I feel this in every way described. Do you?

random rants ruminations ramblings

Today, I am afraid of sending my child to school
Not knowing what she will learn
From books that oft teach false gospels
From teachers who know no better

Today, I am afraid of taking her to a place of worship
Not knowing whom she will bow to
The all-conquering neon-clad god of rampant consumerism

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The Memory Lane…

Painted by Seema Pillay


“I wish we could choose which memories to remember and which to forget”

Deep inside my heart I was waiting for this day

I brood as I try to cover the most painful crack, as I lay

It’s an illusion if you thought I would stay

You can’t hurt me anymore, just like the Moonglade

Ethereal Memories of this Ephemeral love falling apart

Ripples of those memories emerge when I wear that pink floral skirt

You never bothered to keep them fresh or repaint for me

Some did not even last for one short second as they vanished in the air

I become my own harbinger, my own Panacea, only to make myself free

I carry myself away from the shore, as no more I can bear

The distance keeps growing like an offing

Your fragrance gradually fading away from my long knitted velvet gown

As I walk away, from you, your paths, your life, I hear myself talking

I wow to never come back, I won’t let myself down

As the pleasant zephyr passes along

A crestfallen heart conflates with a care-free sunshine to take charge of life again !