Peacefully Blended

Painted my Seema Pillay


“Past is for reference, not for residence”


As I dance here with you,

I let my heart go

As white clouds scudding across the blue skies

You emerge like a rainbow that peacefully blended

The petrichor is driving me happy

I am here to embrace this life again

Your aurora is mesmerizing

I am truly in love with you, no pain

I have never pretended

I don’t want to live in solitude anymore

There are colors of rainbow in the air

Fear doesn’t tremble me anymore

I am bombinating like a bumble bee

The feeling is ineffable

The epoch with fears has ended

I fly above the clouds

Away from the past

I want to hold the moon

I am glad I m here at last

I want to look up high, I want to make it all right

I don’t want to hold myself back

I have the power to change my world

Look up, the sky is not really black

Its the sun who goes down to brighten the stars pearled

Look up high, it shines like sun in the night sky

Its not the sun, its the moon

See those stars who are twinkling to make someone smile

Even the brume is going to go away soon

I am back to live life in the deep 

I have found I got miles to go before I sleep…

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