State of Confusion

I wrote this a while back, but it goes so well with my “Fighting Depression” post that I felt like re-blogging it.

Miles to go Before I sleep

Image from Seema Pillay 

State of Confusion

– Seema

“One of the hardest decisions in life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder…”

A thought that can make your heart burn
A journey that can give you so much to learn
A experience that your heart will always yearn
Its almost a road which has no return

A gushing wind warns you to take a u-turn
A wish is blown and now ready to burn
A mind that is lost already is forced to churn
Its almost a road which has no return

Teaching yourself to always do the right
Speaking the truth and including the word ‘might’
It sure will come back one day to bite
And you will see yourself reaching new heights

It will hurt when the thought will hold you so Tight
Still with a hope, You will stare at that ray of Light
Trying hard, to…

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger

I truly didn’t think this was coming my way. I am flattered and want to thank Quirky Kay to nominate me for this award. Please do visit her amazing blog.

The rules for accepting this award are simple;

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate amazing bloggers for this award

So here are 7 interesting facts about me:

  1. I look simple but I am complicated 🙂
  2. I empathize with people’s feelings too well.
  3. I am not afraid of ghosts, in fact I want to encounter one 😉
  4. I am ruled by my guts
  5. I don’t like giving explainations
  6. I have a soft heart
  7. I strongly believe people can change personalities in middle of their life based on circumstances.

My Nominations – You all would have received such multiple awards but after reading your blogs I am curious to know 7 interesting facts about you 🙂 so i nominated you both


Sulaiman Hafeez

Get to Know Me Tag

Thank you Novus for tagging me on this one. It’s always great to know people and share about yourself. Who knows what you may find similar!


Answer the questions given below
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In Mars, the sunsets are blue, what do you think if one day our sunsets will start to be blue too?


Sunsets are always beautiful. I will still admire them.

My Nominees are not the people I know very well but the ones I would like to know about although I have known them only for merely 2 weeks now…

Exploring the World around us



Scarlett Hazlewood

Roberts Widagdo

Question: Are you a selfie fan? If yes why? if no why?

Fighting Depression

Painted by Seema Pillay

The Lost Reality

“Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream inside of your head”

Depression is not jut sadness, it’s a disease – talk to your loved ones and get help

I am drowning in a cascade of thoughts

It drags me down towards a deceiving tranquility

Suddenly I feel encompassed by an unknown fear

And hear a whisper in my ears, “hey, its me – the depression…”

I can’t make out the voice, it’s so nebulous

I hate this moment when my fearless mind goes hollow

I don’t know where i am heading

But surely like hypnotized, i follow…

“Are you in pain?” Asked the voice

Something inside me said “Yes, i am. I don’t have a choice”

It poked again “Are you in pain?”

My fearless mind said “Why should I tell you, what do I gain”

It nudged again “Are you broken”

I nodded my head, with words unspoken

Then it rained on me…

It crawled all over me making its way from my toe to the head

Rupturing every memory that came its way and left it bled

My secret sorrows are out, the world knows my fears

I don’t want to wake up now, i am in dearth of tears

The mascara of my eyes is all over my face

Is there anyone who can help me see myself, no – there is no trace…

The voice is gone far but left me with a feel

My wounds won’t show anymore because my heart is now sealed