Married for 39 years, Together for lives

In living memory of my Dad who passed away on November 26th 2017

Dedicated to my loving parents

“Parents will hold you safely above their Swirling waters, and sometimes that means you may never know what they endured and you may treat them unkindly, in a way you otherwise wouldn’t”

We know we love we know we fight.

We make it up, we make it alright

We met as strangers from two different worlds,

We invented the recipe to make lovely girls

Our very 1st date we lied at home,

With you on my side I felt it was Rome

The good times we lived the bad times we killed,

We rocked our life, with happiness filled

We held each other tight in sad and glad times,

We always were willing to be partner in crimes

We stood the test of time,  we walked the narrow road

At the end of every day its you i want to hold…