Handle with Care

Image from Seema Pillay


“There are kinds of pain that you can’t speak out loud.”

  – Jodi Picoult

If I said I am broken, will you handle me with care?

If I said it pains, will you help me bear?

If I said I am wounded, will you ask me where?

If I said I am sad, will you be around to share?

If I said there is a storm, will you help it calm?

If I said it’s cold, will you make me warm?

If I said I needed support, will you be the wall?

If I said I was shaking, will you prevent my fall?

If I said I was scattered, will you pick me up?

If I said I was shattered, will you light me up?

If I said it’s dark, will you be the light?

If I said I am scared, will you hold me tight?

If I said I might lose, will you help me fight?

If I said I am alone, will you be my knight…

65 thoughts on “Handle with Care

                    1. due to fight between me and a bestie..jealous 🙂 I had to delete about 4 blogs..and again created one and we are not in that close contact now….i love writing and interacting to people..i feel happy in it….so

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                    2. I agree. What i meant is you can’t maker your mind upfront after knowing a person and say i want to make you a friend. Right? It happens with time and by itself with no pressure on either sides. That’s what i meant.

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                    3. yes. never friendship happens by being said wanna be friend, it happens when frequency matches each other’s thought and likes, and when both come to a point to agree each other at any mistake..


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