Love is Magical

Image from Seema Pillay
“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to eyes”
Love is a magical,
Love is dreamy
But not an illusion like magic tricks.
It’s real,
It’s true,
It’s crazy and still worth all the risks.
Everyone should experience love at least once..
It contradicts popular wishful thinking that love always ends happily….
No, It doesn’t.
The only thing that comes closest to perfection
With the power of creating many contrary feelings in heart.
That’s the beauty of love
And it’s called “the Connection”
A connection that you can’t rip apart.
When you think of love,
You don’t think logical
You think of being happy,
Starting something beautiful and magical.
Every love begins with happiness,
A hope of accomplishment of dreams,
To be blessed in love,
By the power unseen
Gives a reason to live,
To live together
To live longer,
And forever.
To find that place which is called horizon
Where you find your mate,
fall in love, and your life will brighten