A Walk to Remember…

Image from Seema Pillay


“You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.”

– Nicholas Sparks

– Movie: A walk to Remember



I wrote this in my native language Hindi but have translated in English right under the Hindi one.

Photo by Seema Pillay

“Love is an illusion clouding your judgement, the perfect magic trick controlling our heart”

– M.FireChild

Tum ho bhi tum nahi bhi
Tum galat bhi tum sahin bhi
Tum Manzil bhi tum raasta bhi
Tum dard bhi tum daastaan bhi
Tum ugte sooraj ki roshni bhi
Tum dhalti shaam ka Sitaara bhi
Tum pehli subah ki oas bhi
Tum haseen sapno ka nazaara bhi
Tum Dard bhi tum sahaara bhi
Tum leher bhi tum kinaara bhi
Tum jhooth bhi tum sach bhi
Tum khushi bhi tum gamm bhi
Tum dhokha bhi tum wafa bhi
Tum dua bhi tum saza bhi
Tum yaad bhi fariyaad bhi
Tum juda bhi tum saath bhi
Tum ikraar bhi inkaar bhi
Tum nafrat bhi tum pyaar bhi
Tum jeet bhi tum Haar bhi
Tum is Jeevan ka Saar bhi



Here us the English translation…

You may be there and still not around me

You may be wrong but still the right one for me

You are the track, you are the destiny for me

You are the pain you are the fable

You are the rays of morning sun for me

You are the gleaming star of night sky for me

You are the early morning dew for me

You are the sight of my beautiful dreams for me

You may be the pain, still the support behind me

You are the wave and you are the shore for me

You are the lie and still truth for me

You may be in sorrows but still happiness for me

You may be illusion but you are loyalty for me

You are my prayers and you are the punishment for me

You are my memories you are the yearning for me

You are separated and still with me

You are the acceptance still refusal for me

You are the hatred still the love for me

You may be a loss still a gain for me

You are THE life for me.

Abstract Tree

Image from Seema Pillay

Abstract 1

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

Alone i stand there, alone i bear

Am i the only one with no one to share?

Am i the only one with those colors?

Am i the only one with no flowers?

I hear myself, I feel my pain

Is there anyone here who feels the same?

Oh the one just like me – i found you

Will you be kind enough to say you did too?