Some walks you have to take alone…

Image from Seema Pillay


“Alone in thy mind, alone in thy name
Alone is thy fame, alone is thy shame
A step towards the grave, Alone will be the soul
Some walks will bother you…But sadly…you are alone in this game”

– Me

Memories have scattered again, the heart remains broken

I have heard the creator asking, if I want wounds to re-open

No please! I begged for peace as I felt the soul shaken

Dreadful were the days when the monster was awaken

Close to my heart I hear a dream screaming

Away from the truth the perception is relieving

I walked to the shores only to find no one

I begged for peace as I felt the soul shaken

Illusion is peaceful but feels like a prison

Forgive the soul if it stepped on forbidden

Your plan is the hope it needs to be re-written

Will you hold my hands and lead me to your vision