My Inspiration

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Inspiration is a word of huge responsibilities. If you consider someone as your inspiration it becomes important that you follow their footsteps and become as successful as them. I remember when I was giving interviews for my job/MBA, this used to be one of the questions that I used to come across now and then “Who inspired you the most” “Who is your inspiration”. Different forms of questions that should lead to the same answer. At that time I used to think and tell some name which I don’t even remember today becasue they were not my true inspirations otherwise I wouldn’t have forgotten them. And more than that I had to think before an interview for a name that I could relate to this question and prepare statements based on that name. Sometimes those names would change becasue if it’s not your true inspiration you would obviously forget them.
But now I don’t even have to think about such a question. The way I am trying to cope up with my personal life and professional life reminds me of one and only one person. She is the one who comes to my mind everyday when I think how am I going to do all of this in only 24 hours. She is the one who gives me the courage to accept this high profile and high responsibility job of being a daughter, a wife, a mom, a professional and most importantly an individual. I can almost say that being all of these doesn’t make me feel that I lost my own self. I still find time to do all those things that will give me a break from all the activities of this high responsibility job. She is the one who gives me courage to face the problems that I create for myself. I am sure no one is perfect and even she would have done mistakes but she is still standing as my inspiration becasue she had the courage to come over them, correct them and still be a highly successful and respectable person in our lives.
She was a middle school teacher in a Public Sector school. She had struggles in her life too that she came over with her intelligence and hard work. She got married to a young handsome man. She had 2 kids with him and she still kept working and managing the family. She also had her parents and parents in law with her during the last days of their life. She gave her kids good education and culture with a lot of help and cooperation from her husband and even they stand successful today. Pretty much, not a single day passes when I think what all they sacrificed in their life and did for those kids to stand where they are today.
Today when I sit back and think how she managed so many things in life, I am amazed. I have only husband, a daughter and professional life to manage with a little bit of socializing. She had just too many things to do. I am sure if I start jotting them down I will still miss out something. Today I understood the true meaning of inspiration and I am proud to announce that my Amma is my Inspiration.