I Will Not Die a Half-lived Life

Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway.
                                                                                                          –Eleanor Roosevelt
I am not a supermom but I am definitely a working mom and love my family and will go to any extent for their sake. I have not yet reached to a stage in this life where I can say that I have sacrificed a lot for my family but I am sure it’s getting there.
I still feel that I need to go for my passion and prove to myself that I can do it, not that I have doubts on my capabilities but because I have understood that passion is something you don’t have to do but if you don’t do it, one day suddenly you will realize that you have started calling it “hobby”. But let me tell you and myself that there is a very slight difference between passion and hobby. Passion is something for which you take out time from your busy schedule but hobby is something you do when you get some time from your busy schedule…you see the difference…
When people don’t get passionate about their passion they mostly don’t get a second chance. They probably just end up writing their passion under “interests” in their profile on different social networking sites like I did and I hate to say that. Its fine if you are not living your passion at this moment, as long as you know that you have one and you have the potential to achieve that dream someday.
What is your passion? Give it a serious thought. When you come up with it write it in a piece of paper and keep in your wallet or stick it on the bathroom mirror. I am sure you see those everyday. That’s the way to go for it! There is a famous saying “Every great dream starts with a dreamer” God has never asked for your ability. He is just waiting to see when you will be available. And remember time is ticking…