The Final Goodbye…

Him to her…

Like spring you bloomed and spread your fragrance around me
Gave meaning to everything meaningless that I wouldnt see

Truly loving every moment that crossed our way

Without looking into my eyes reading the words I didn’t say

My words won’t bring you back I know because I have to tried

My tears won’t do any magic either I know because I have cried…

Her to him..

Think of the happy memories we have made

That’s all you are left with or you can let them fade

I will be walking with you in the hot sun
While you are walking on the path we used to have fun

Let me be the breeze that whispers in your ears
Let my heart be yours for all the coming years

Remember, the final days are always a test
But remember me when I was at my best…


There Was A Beginning – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Found this right when i was thinking in those lines. Was having such a hard time putting these into words and then I found this. Absolutely lovely piece…


Inception – Word of the Day



There Was A Beginning

There was a beginning, of course,
when our lips and fingers spoke a mythic language,
in an age when time stood still between us,
or so it seemed.
We chartered erogeneity
to its apex,
and rode waves of joy,
as if we were riding a demon bull,
for all our lives depending on it,
only to rest in each other,
just for the briefest moment
until we recommence that conversation,
from the very beginning,
once again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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To whomever it may concern…

The chrysalis around me is so deceiving

Your Ellision has caused a pain

And the pain is so ineffable

Inexorably I try to make my world work

Through the mist I still see you

I hear that lullaby that puts me in peace

I hear your footsteps coming to calm me down

Oh wait it’s not you, it’s your shadow

I played with it for a while until reality hit me

I realize you are here but still not with me

I am sinking in Cascade of those thoughts

Drowning myself into everlasting pain

I am here and I wish I could see you

How could you just go away

You forgot everything and here I am still waiting

Waiting to be seen, waiting to be hugged, waiting to be carried, waiting to be kissed, waiting to be with you for one last time…

Funeral of my heart

The day has come

To burn my heart down

Once which used to beat

Has turned to color of brown

Do come attend the funeral

And know what it feels

When it burns the memories

And leaves them to bleed

When it burns down the wishes

The fragrance it spreads

Making us realize

They were never read

When it burns the hopes

Stating nothing lasts for ever

While I made every second count

And still couldn’t hold that hour

When it burnt the smiles

Filled with hopes

The ones i collected walking miles.

I bury them today with no regrets

I burnt my heart and cleared all debts

Did I need this ride

When I was never meant to be there

There is no place to hide

There are burns everywhere…

From “Being your’s” to “Been your’s”

“There is a silence around
But i am craving to hear that voice
The one that brought peace to me
The one that hasn’t left me with a choice”

– Self

Memories of your hug falling apart

Dark are those Meadows that once used to shine

But the stubborn mind refuses to accept

What had gone was never mine..

When the truth bursted in open

Those days were chilling cold

But we held on to the fear inside

Because those short hours were worth to hold

Never asked for that wish but it was granted without an ask

In a land of pretenders i found joy in life

It came in like a thunder storm

And Left me with a lightening strike..

I was running alone

Running alone in the maze

Didn’t realize I was running alone

And I thought I was going to win this race…


I can’t feel a thing

I miss that zing

I feel numb

I can’t say those words

It hurts my throat

To open up

To speak those words

To bring my heart out

To tell you all about

Keep it out there for you

For you to feel it

For you to steal it

So I slide that feeling

Deep down my lungs

Where it’s not healing

Where no one’s seeing

With the realization

I am changing…

Only if I could…

Only if I could change the world that surrounds me

Only if I could see things the way you see

Only if I had the strength to overcome you

Only if I could bear the pain that always grew

Only if I could show you the mask I have been wearing

Only I could unload the weight I have been bearing

Only if I could make that one moment go away

Only if I could take back the words I shouldn’t say

Only if I could bring back the days that made you smile

Only if I could make you once again walk that mile

Only if I could stop the clock from ticking

Only if I could hold this wound from sticking

Only if I could withstand the storm within

Only if I could forget with no regrets and once again begin…


It’s a walk to remember

The one where you were by my side

I gave myself to your arms wide open

Where I found my peace and used to hide

A hope that never rose is a pain that will always grow

The wish I hold in my heart is a truth you will never know

The days when eyes smiled, that time will fly away

A laugh that I shared with you will be the memory that will slowly shy away…

The bright color of my love slowly turning grey

Did all that matter, does anyone care anyway…