Time doesn’t heel always

Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves.

– Blaise Pascal

It doesn’t hurt anymore, for that I must thank you,

Though forgetting promises has become part of you,

Some questions are still awaiting answers,

And here I am wondering if you can help with few.

Talking about the one above us, I heard he doesn’t exist anymore,

But the truth is that your glance is as good as worshipping at his door.

Oh short lived love but colorful love

Since the time you left, my lips haven’t stopped complaining

Ever since the ship of my heart has been dangling and sinking…

And now the tears have begun a revolt

My heart is now overflowing with tears, so cold.

Your absence is interrupting my life…

Ever heard of a broken heart that still wants to beat?

Because now the heartbeat is almost a need…

Pain has never been a one way transaction, so can you please stop hurting?

The day you will realize this, oh you will be back with your love spurting.

Just one question – why is this life becoming a haunt?

Awaiting the last breath has pretty much become a want

I am done calling out for you, now it’s your decision

Not sure what I am waiting for, but waiting has become a habit, without compulsion….


Silence – a Punishment

When words become unclear I will content with silence and the sound that will make is not going to be pleasant, I promise…!”


The most awaited dusk has now gone

Believe me, it still hurts at the same place

We haven’t spoken a word and here comes the dawn

Times haven’t changed, my heart still gets lost in the same old maze

In this new world of mine, i am still reminded of you and old times

As they begin to drag me to the past

Its my right and my wish as well

Let me just stay unconscious, it heels me fast

If you ever miss me, just close your eyes

Even closed eyes can give you satisfaction immense

Its your destiny, your path, your tries

Still the pain in MY heart grows dense

It’s because of you there exists a weird happiness

Life isn’t the same unfair game for everyone

The words that didn’t do their magic then

See – without a word spoken now, the game is done

Loved you to moon and back

and faced the consequence

These wishes don’t ever come true

Regardless of what you gain, the lesson here is

At this point in time, life always turns blue

Let this dream be a dream for ever

Because when love scars it cuts deep

Its impossible to bear this pain again

Its difficult to say goodbye once again, for the promises you didn’t keep…

The Odd One

Oh the odd one

You are the special one

You are the bright one

You are the charming one

You are the strong one

Any when you feel you are odd one,

Remember there is someone for everyone

The moon has stars

The Sun has rays

Wounds have scars

Nights have days

And life must go on..

Clouds make thunders

Thunders make rains

Rains do wonders

When they wash your pain

And life must go on..

I sit idle wondering

If i truly was healed

My heart goes out for all

Whom time has sealed

And life must go on..

There is someone for all

No one is alone

No one is destined to fall

No one deserves to be thrown

And life must go on..


“How happy is the Blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned: “
– Eloisa to Abelard, Alexander Pope,

Should i forget you or remember you, I m not sure

The pain is so brutal, it’s not worth the cure..

If you can interpret it right, you have my consent

If you don’t, I could be a penance, you will repent

You be drunk if you take my sip

And I will happily be the reason to sink your ship

Yes, I am here, with you and still being without you

Displeased with myself, for something I already knew

I can stay happy and still connect with all the pain

I can live all the pain and still be closest to the happiness rain

You may know me as dew drop…but

If you believe in me I will be the joy pop

Look at that dew drop, I am the storm in there

I am the undissolved venom of this universe, beware

Your silence is the proof I am your guilt at the peak

I am the obsession in you, that words can’t speak

Why look at the start, that I am the result all above!

What led me here? Regardless, now I am destroyed in your love..

Those unfulfilled wishes..

“…but wishes are only granted in fairytales…”

Waiting all my life,

those moments have passed by,

Where thousands of wishes…

…have been left to die

Although this life has played several roles

There are quite a few that have loopholes

Searched for happiness and figured out the destiny

In the process, pain outgrew, what an irony,

It’s my generosity I don’t call out for you anymore

How do I relate to you if you are not even my cure

I know you are the one who shuts those doors

Go away, I don’t even need your coffin anymore

So now, burry me without a shroud, beacuse

There are no more complaints to be spoken out loud

I have learnt from my reflection

Everyone here needs a companion

My loneliness is not self centered

To make a decision without your agreement

Leaving a few wishes for the world I am yet to see

That meeting will be as significant as it could be

It hadn’t been easy but it is hopeful for sure

You did make a difference, It cant be just the emotions

There has to be a reason why we met at his door…

Falling apart

Only if I was in little more love

I would have walked with you on that rainbow above

Only if I was in a little less pain

I would have smiled and laughed and made it rain

Only if I was a little more awake

I would have seen the difference between real and fake

Only if I carried a little less hope

I might have not looked like a dope

Only if I had a little more heart

I would make it grow against rest of my heart…

The Final Goodbye…

Him to her…

Like spring you bloomed and spread your fragrance around me
Gave meaning to everything meaningless that I wouldnt see

Truly loving every moment that crossed our way

Without looking into my eyes reading the words I didn’t say

My words won’t bring you back I know because I have to tried

My tears won’t do any magic either I know because I have cried…

Her to him..

Think of the happy memories we have made

That’s all you are left with or you can let them fade

I will be walking with you in the hot sun
While you are walking on the path we used to have fun

Let me be the breeze that whispers in your ears
Let my heart be yours for all the coming years

Remember, the final days are always a test
But remember me when I was at my best…

There Was A Beginning – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Found this right when i was thinking in those lines. Was having such a hard time putting these into words and then I found this. Absolutely lovely piece…


Inception – Word of the Day


Photo: pixabay.com

There Was A Beginning

There was a beginning, of course,
when our lips and fingers spoke a mythic language,
in an age when time stood still between us,
or so it seemed.
We chartered erogeneity
to its apex,
and rode waves of joy,
as if we were riding a demon bull,
for all our lives depending on it,
only to rest in each other,
just for the briefest moment
until we recommence that conversation,
from the very beginning,
once again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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