Goodbye from her

“Love” – The reason I dislike that word is because it means too much for me, far more than you can understand.”

Her heart gone silent, a silence that hurts

She is happy but she is a little sad.

Trying to figure out all she really had

Got scars on her heart by touching few people, felt like she was dying

Only because she let herself scream without even crying

Being madly in love and still not ready

But hanging in tight and holding it steady

She loved you in a way you have never been loved and still not going to join you on the bridge

She is drinking 3 kinds of poison and driving life off the ridge.

Her heart goes through a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves, until nothing remains

It will hold you up there till the last breath even if that means that it pains.

Let her keep the last piece of her heart before you tear it all apart.

Straining under the weight of all the lives she is not living, sometimes she can hear her bones.

She now sees the difference between “living on my own” and “being alone”

Been there now and then, now been here for years.

The secret place she landed is known as the land of tears

She smiles her sorrows away, still chained with her past
Hurts her every time she says goodbye, and you would never know which one is the last.


The Waiting…

This life is a dream, a dream within dreams
Solitude is a painful reality that screams
Everything else is dream
Dreams within dreams with dreams without dreams

I serve a punishment without any end
In a fathomless dark chasm
For a crime I didn’t commit.
I follow the path without direction Wherever it may lead
Scratching memories to bleed

Gushing rivers of tears without an end

Every second pulls me close
To the neverlasting hope of love and pretend
Through the Sparks of twilight I Rose.

It hurts to read the words carved in my heart

I look around, but the darkness inside my eyes so bright.
Darkens the brightest rays of light.

I still look back, in despair. All in vain now because it’s dark everywhere.

Dil k Khali panne

Apne Dard Ka Haal Sunaein ya ghayal dil bayan Karein
Wafa Mili Ho Jinhe Wo bewafai Ki Baat na karein

Kuch kehna bhi na pade aur wo isharon mein samajh jaen

Is umeed se aiyea kuch mudde ki baat Karein

Jab har ghum pe aaj mukhauta chada hi diya
To Karein Bhi to magar Kis Khuda Ki Baat Karein

Dilwale Kai Hain Koi wafaadar Bhi To Ho
Chalo Aaj fir Usi Bewafa Ki Baat Karein…

A Disappointed Soul

I am not too motivated to make a sketch so I am just posting the poem. Hope someone out there will relate…

Sometimes all you need is to keep you to yourself, Because you know no one but you will understand you here.

It feels like you live in a world of fake beings, And the one voice that will sooth your soul, is just not there…

Shall I fly to the land of escape called sleep or Shall I call out for you hence feel at peace, are you willing to share?

I made it to this, by giving away my peace, do you think what happened to me, is all fair?

Occasionally love comes to my mind, when I see those birds flying in pair.

It’s not that I am immune to this pain, but I wonder who anyway here wants to care…

My Crushed Soul

I sat with my solitude and asked her,

Why is today more depressing than yesterday

My sunless life daunting my present,

I am so much more in pain and dismay..

Terrified by what has come to my thoughts,

Horrified by what will come to me as a whole,

Nullified by what I stand as, in this world,

Petrified I look at the mirror and calm my bereft soul…

Heartbroken and left in clouds of sorrow,

Greater than my faith, hides my fear in the dark,

Chilling my bones, Dampening my thoughts,

What is left, is no more going to ignite a spark.

Anything for you

“Gar zindagi mein mil gaye phir ittefaaq se
Poochhenge apana haal teri bebasi se hum


Kya khali tha aapke qalb ka wo kona, ya meri aariz mein Pyaar ka rang tha bhara
Jo tamaam umra beetne k baad is aarazoo mein hum gulistaan tak aa gaye…

Bujhte hue ko imdaad ka dilaasa dene Machalti ulfat ko dilaab ka bharosa dene, Kuch jayaz se ishq me shareekh hone hum falak ke us paar tak aa gaye…

Ek qadam kya badhaya tha raah-e-shauq mein, teri khwabeeda aankhon ki kasam hamdum, manzil ka to pata nahi par lagta hai shayad apne anjaam tak aa gaye.

The more I long, the more I fade…


“The last time I felt alive – I was looking into your eyes.
Breathing your air…. touching your skin…
… Saying goodbye….
The last time I felt alive…. I was dying.”

– Ranata Suzuki

Following something that doesn’t exist

Was it a wave that she couldn’t resist

Happiness was a choice and she said never

Cut it open or stitch it back – you will always find it bleeding, because sadness here lasts for ever

Moonlight gushing in through the vent brightening a small part

But the brightness can’t illuminate the darkness that surrounds her heart

Living in a nightmare, more than often she wakes up from sleep

With deep invisible wounds that are more painful than anything that bleeds

She slips into empty spaces between words

She will disappear some day like flying birds

Thy cannot hold her in arms, but do hold her memory in high regard

She will never be in thy life, but she will leave her prints in the heart

Her irreparably broken heart will be broken again

There is no real joy, anyway she wasn’t here for gain

She wants to turn around and tell the world she’s there

But she is moaning in sorrow not knowing whether she will land safely or be scattered everywhere…